Toolkit for educators

Teaching Canada’s food guide

The toolkit for educators was developed to support intermediaries, such as:

  • educators
  • health promoters
  • community leaders

These activities can be used with children to help them:

Before you start

Read each section before you start the activities. The sections include background information on Canada’s food guide, equity considerations, information on creating a supportive environment and food safety. Each activity includes options to help you adapt it to your group.


Share your thoughts

Contact us if you have questions or feedback on the toolkit for educators. We want to know about your experience! Your comments can include:

  • what worked well
  • what could be improved
  • other ideas for activities
  • other topics you would like to see covered

Finding specialized advice

This toolkit is not intended to provide guidance for children with specific dietary requirements. If you are looking for personalized guidance or specialized advice from a dietitian, you can:

  • ask a doctor for a referral
  • connect with healthcare providers through virtual care options
  • use the "Find a Dietitian" service on the Dietitians of Canada website
  • call your local health department, hospital, or community health centre