10 reasons to buy frozen vegetables and fruits

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1. They’re just as nutritious as fresh  

Produce is picked at its peak of freshness and frozen right away. 

 Tip: Use food labels to choose frozen produce with little to no added sodium, sugar, or saturated fat. 

2. You can save money

You can stock up on frozen produce when it’s on sale. Check your local grocery store flyers and compare prices.  

3. They save you time 

The washing and cutting are done for you. Look for frozen produce in the form that you need – whole, sliced, or chopped. 

 Tip: Try keeping 1 or 2 kinds of frozen vegetables and fruits on hand for quick and easy meal or snack prep. 

4. You can reduce food waste

Need a vegetable or fruit for a recipe, but not sure you’ll use it all? Frozen produce allows you to use only what you need, and save the rest for a later date. 

5. You have more choices 

Some vegetables and fruits are not available fresh throughout the year. Buying frozen vegetables and fruits can give you more variety all year round. 

6. They have many uses

Frozen vegetables and fruits are great for so many recipes. For example: 

  • use frozen butternut squash cubes for a quick puréed soup
  • thaw frozen berries to add to your favourite muffin or loaf recipe
  • add frozen peach slices to yogurt for summer flavours during the winter
  • sauté frozen vegetables for a stir-fry, or steam and season them for a side dish

7. They should make up half your meal

Frozen vegetables and fruits can help you eat plenty of vegetables and fruits each day. 

8. They last longer

Frozen produce does not spoil as quickly as fresh vegetables and fruits. 

9. They cook faster than fresh vegetables 

Many vegetables are blanched   before freezing. Blanched vegetables cook quickly, saving you time. 

 Tip: Add frozen broccoli to a pot of boiling pasta in the last minute of cooking. Strain the broccoli and pasta, then top with your favourite pasta sauce.

10. They’re flavourful all year round

Fresh produce is frozen when its flavour is at its peak.  

There are so many reasons to love frozen vegetables and fruit. Tell us why you love frozen produce!  Write us at [email protected] or reach us on social media [@healthycdns]!