Simple breakfast soup

Make a batch of this soup then pack it up into 3 mason jars or airtight containers so you’ve got breakfast or lunch sorted for many days. Each morning you’ll just warm up a portion of this vegetable goodness.

Multigrain congee with shiitake, ginger and scallion

Congee is a staple food in many countries around the world and can be prepared in different ways. It is eaten at any time of the day, but perhaps most popularly served at breakfast.

Apple pie breakfast bowl

This delicious breakfast is a fun and tasty twist on your morning oatmeal. For a grab and go option, prepare the night before and refrigerate in an airtight container overnight.

Cornmeal porridge with fruit preserve

Cornmeal porridge is a staple food in some Indigenous households and is usually enjoyed in the morning. This version of the recipe is prepared with maple water.

Berry brunch bake

This giant pancake is easy to make and fun to decorate. A great one-pot meal when you have many hungry people!

Caprese muffin-tin frittatas

This recipe is convenient for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Make a large batch and freeze them for busy days. Serve alongside fresh fruit and whole grain toast!

Classic overnight oats

A fantastic grab-and-go breakfast that is easy and incredibly versatile.

Egg and veggie scramble

Loaded with veggies, this egg scramble comes together quickly and easily to make a tasty meal.

Apple pie oatmeal

Enjoy the sweet aroma of apple pie at breakfast with this creamy, whole grain oatmeal.

Savoury broccoli and cheese muffins

This must-try recipe is perfect for breakfast on the run. A soon-to-be favourite, these muffins can do double duty as lunch, as a nice change from sandwiches.

Good morning egg roll-up

Feel the need for speed in the morning? This super, quick breakfast cooks up in a flash. Prep your veggies the night before to cut down on prep time. Or make the egg mixture the night before, and warm it up on your tortilla in the morning. So simple, so good!

Strawberry pancakes

Strawberries are a sweet addition to these easy pancakes. Whip up a batch on the weekend to enjoy through the week for quick breakfasts. Mixing whole wheat flour with allpurpose flour is an easy way to bump up the fibre in your recipes.

French toast sticks with pineapple orange topping

Wake up to this delicious French toast. Using bran flakes adds a creative crunch to traditional French toast.

Classic poached eggs

Want to add a real wow factor to your next brunch? With a few simple steps, you can whip up your very own restaurant-worthy poached eggs in five minutes flat.

Baked cheese stratas

These individual stratas are sure to become a favourite.

Eat your greens frittata

You can't go wrong with eggs at breakfast, lunch or dinner. For a flavour twist, use different peppers or other greens like arugula or kale.

Marvellous muffins

With a hint of cinnamon and a burst of sweetness from raisins, these wholesome and moist muffins are a nourishing way to start your day.


Za’atar chicken sheet pan dinner

Making a sheet pan dinner is a simple way to get dinner on the table and reduce food waste by transforming wilting veggies into a delicious meal. Experiment with different vegetables, protein foods, and seasonings!

Chicken fried rice

This recipe helps you make use of leftover bits of food and is a perfect dish to make when you’re cleaning out the fridge. Add your favourite vegetable and serve with a drizzle of chili oil.

Three Sisters tacos

Squash, corn, and beans grow well together in the ground, and taste just as good on the plate. These tacos include all three and are deeply satisfying.

Cajun lentil soup

Dried lentils, root vegetables, and Cajun seasoning make this recipe a simple and wholesome soup with a kick!

Chicken and spring vegetable soup

A bowl of this chicken and vegetable soup is sure to warm you up on a chilly day. Try it using any vegetables you have at home. 

Hot and sweet curried squash

Squash is a versatile vegetable that can take on any flavour. Try this sweet and savoury recipe as a colourful side dish or over brown rice as a tasty main course.

Turkey stir-fry

This stir-fry uses turkey instead of the usual chicken or beef. Try adding any vegetables you have on hand. 

Trout with roasted vegetables and low bush cranberry relish

A quick marinade adds flavour to lean fish such as trout or whitefish. In this recipe, fish is marinated and served with seasoned vegetables and Indigenous-inspired low bush cranberry relish.

Okroshka (cold summer soup)

This vegetarian version of Russian Okroshka is prepared with kefir and is perfect for those hot summer days.

Slow-cooker burrito bowls

This wholesome meal is perfect for a crowd! Serve with a salad or a raw veggie platter.

Beef and bean burger

This burger uses beans and beef to give you the best of both worlds! Serve with a salad to add crunch and colour.

Chicken and lima bean stew

This aromatic and comforting stew will surely become a family favourite! Serve with brown rice or quinoa for a slight nutty flavour.

Chickpea “meatballs” and gnocchi bake

These tender juicy “meatballs” are surprisingly prepared with chickpeas and mushrooms. This is a great way to introduce plant-based proteins into family classics. 

Lentil bolognese

This hearty sauce is full of vegetables and protein. Serve over whole wheat pasta, roasted spaghetti squash, or spiralized vegetable noodles.

Oodles of soba noodles with tempeh

This Asian-inspired recipe is full of flavour and your little chefs will surely love it. 

Tofu banh mi rice bowl

This vegetable-packed bowl is the homemade version of your favourite take-out rice bowl. You will learn how to make a quick pickle. Bonus!

Chicken and bean quesadillas

Who doesn’t love quesadillas? In addition to being a fan favourite, you can freeze leftover filling for an easy, ready-made meal in the future!

Cantaloupe and bocconcini cheese salad

This refreshing recipe makes for a beautiful side dish or appetizer. Serve on its own, in a pita or as a sandwich with romaine lettuce.

Corn and lentil soup

This deliciously flavoured soup is easy, filling and freezer-friendly. Serve with toasted whole wheat bread, dumplings, or pasta.

Curried chickpea salad

This creative twist to chickpea salad has a pleasant and light boost of spice. Serve on its own, in a pita or as a sandwich with romaine lettuce! 

Mapo tofu with chicken

This meal offers a tasty mix of ground chicken and tofu with Chinese-inspired flavours. It is a great option to introduce tofu to your kids’ palettes.

Miso ramen soup with marinated eggs

This recipe plays on the savoury umami flavour found in many Asian cuisines. See for yourself!

Peach, roasted chickpeas and halloumi cheese salad

This recipe is the alternative to a standard garden salad! Serve it hot or cold and turn your kitchen into a 5-star restaurant.

Roasted tomato, pepper, and bean soup

Warm up with this cozy homemade soup! Serve with fresh bread or classic grilled cheese sandwiches. 

Spiced tofu and lentils with turmeric rice

This Mediterranean-inspired meal is a quick escape to Greece. A mix of delicious herbs and spices brings the lentils and tofu in this meal to life!

Tofu masala curry

In this recipe, tofu takes on warm and spicy Indian flavours. Serve it over brown rice or with whole wheat naan (flat bread). 

Tofu and butternut squash pasta shells

This hearty pasta dish uses cashews to create a creamy and delicious sauce.

Curried lentil and spinach fritters

These crispy fritters store well in the freezer for a quick appetizer, snack or side. It is a tasty way to add leafy greens to your day!

Lentil nuggets

These lentil nuggets make the perfect finger food for dipping into a dip like tzatziki, and make a great addition to any meal or snack!

Easy peasy fish tacos

Who said fish tacos needed to be complicated? These delicious tacos are easy to prepare and really fun to eat! Cabbage also works well to replace lettuce if you prefer.

Sizzlin’ sesame greens

Pair these tasty greens with a protein food (like chicken, beef, fish, tofu) and a whole grain food (like quinoa or whole grain pasta)!

Carrot potato pancakes

Whip up a batch on the weekend to enjoy throughout the week for a quick breakfast, dinner or snack.

Cheesy broccoli toast

These cheesy broccoli toasts are quick, easy and super delicious!


This coleslaw will keep for one week in the refrigerator.

Mighty minestrone soup

A delicious, hearty soup. You can use any type of canned or dried beans in this recipe.

Mujadarrah (lentils, onions and rice)

A Middle Eastern dish that is both delicious and budget-friendly!

Lunch box tuna salad wrap

This simple recipe is great to pack in your lunch for school or work

Carrot ginger lentil soup

This flavourful, bright soup makes for a comforting lunch or delicious starter.

Colourful quinoa salad

Get a healthy dose of delicious with this colourful salad. Look for quinoa in the grains, organic or natural section of your grocery store. Store this whole grain in the freezer to keep it fresh for a long time.

Spiced-up butternut squash soup

A hint of curry and cilantro takes this soup up a notch, making it a hands down favourite. This go-to recipe is versatile, so sub in other vegetables to transform it into a brand new soup.

Hearty chicken noodle soup

This version is sure to please as it's simple and fast for a weeknight meal. Moist, succulent chicken thighs take this great tasting soup to a whole new level of comfort.

Mac and cheese with a veggie twist

Give mac and cheese a makeover by adding bite-sized vegetables into the creamy sauce. This ooey gooey recipe is sure to be a favourite. Don't have time to cut the vegetables into small pieces? No worries. Cook larger pieces a bit longer until they are tender.

Pork and apple skillet dinner

Apples, with their touch of sweetness, are a perfect complement to pork chops. This is a delicious weeknight meal that comes together with little fuss. Serve these pork chops with mashed sweet potatoes or brown rice.

Quinoa and veggie casserole

Get a plateful of colour from this comforting casserole made with quinoa and vegetables. The melted cheese topping with its crispy edges makes it simply irresistible.

Turkey and veggie stuffed pita

This sandwich gives leftovers a new lease on life with some serious crunch factor. Use the turkey mixture to make an equally delicious salad. Add a splash of rice vinegar and enjoy.

Crunchy turkey fingers with oven fries

This tasty recipe is a fun finger food. Using high-fibre breakfast cereal adds the right amount of crunch to the turkey fingers.

Lip smacking BBQ drumsticks

These delicious drumsticks are coated in heavenly homemade barbecue sauce. Sweetened with Medjool dates, this is guaranteed to be your go-to sauce. Use it with grilled meats and turn up the heat factor if you like things extra spicy.

The ultimate mixed bean salad

This version is sure to please with its fresh taste and colourful hues. Make this salad a day ahead to let the zippy dressing soak into the beans.

Open face egg salad sandwiches

Transform an all-time lunch favourite with a little extra colour and crunch. Keep hard-cooked eggs handy in the fridge to whip up these easy sandwiches.

Fish and fresh herb veggie packets

Make the packets the night before or in the morning before going to work. That way, they're ready to place on the grill when you come home.

Grilled flank steak with BBQ veggies

You can't go wrong with this sizzling combination of steak and veggies. Slice it thinly across the grain so that every bite melts in your mouth. Balsamic vinegar gives beef a rich flavour.

Greek-style chicken sandwiches

The fresh taste of lemon elevates this chicken sandwich to a whole new level. The taste sensation continues with crisp red pepper and fresh cilantro. This lunch standby goes from ho-hum to hello there.

Orange soy tofu pockets

Add some magic to tofu with this punchy citrus marinade. For an inspired twist to everyday foods, tuck the grilled tofu into a sandwich, serve it up on a bed of greens or add it to soup or pasta salad. The options are endless.

Terrific tuna and tomato salad

A perfect way to use tomatoes, this refreshing salad is versatile enough to enjoy for lunch, on a picnic, or dinner on the patio with family and friends. Serve it over lettuce leaves for added colour and crunch.

Fresh avocado and bean lettuce wrap

Creamy and colourful, these wraps come together in very little time.

Toasted barley and wild rice salad

Jump on the whole grain wagon with this flavourful salad. Barley's chewy texture and the nuttiness of wild rice make this salad a win.

Crowd-pleasing chickpea and carrot salad

This flavourful, colourful salad can be enjoyed any time of year. It's sure to be an instant hit at any picnic or potluck.

Beef fajitas with lime sour cream

These fajitas are so flavourful and fresh.

Red lentil and mushroom soup

This flavourful soup is perfect for those rainy days.

Honey grilled salmon and asparagus

Enjoy the sweet hint of honey and fresh thyme in this easy salmon grill with asparagus.

Spaghetti and turkey meatballs

Get your comfort food craving filled with this meal. Get ready for your kitchen to be filled with the rich, mouthwatering aroma of simmering tomato sauce!

Greek style couscous and egg wrap

Using hard cooked eggs in sandwiches adds protein and a creamy texture to this filling. Switch up your cheese.

Creamy clam chowder

This east coast favourite makes for a delicious starter. Or pair it with a salad for a satisfying lunch.

Curried vegetable lentil stew

Fill your kitchen with the fragrant aroma of Indian spices and dig into this hearty vegetarian stew.

Mediterranean tomato and ricotta pasta

No one will guess that the secret ingredient in this creamy pasta dish is ricotta. Packed with colourful vegetables, this tasty meal will be a hit.

Slow-cooked lasagna

Let your slow cooker do the work and come home to this heartwarming meal.

Fun flatbread pizza

Change up pizza night by using whole grain tortillas. Tortillas bake up nice and crispy, and are sure to become a favourite.

Turkey chili

This must-try chili is so versatile, the possibilities are endless. It can be enjoyed on its own or transformed into other dishes.

West coast snapper burritos

These burritos are a great way to enjoy fish. Everyone will love customizing their burrito with colourful veggies.

Couscous with vegetables

Here's a fun and colourful recipe! This customizable dish is a tasty and healthy meal that is sure to please.

Eggplant lentil curry

The smell in your kitchen from this aromatic recipe will be enough to have the neighbours running over for dinner.

Moose stew

Complete the field to table experience with this easy to make hearty stew.

Moroccan stew (Harira)

The warm aromatic spices will bring the whole family running into the kitchen for dinner.

Pineapple ginger chicken

This chicken dish is tender and full of flavor. Serve it over brown rice or quinoa with a fresh, green salad for a great evening meal.

Corn, bean and squash soup (Three Sisters soup)

Corn, beans and squash make this a hearty soup to keep you warm on those cold nights.

Tofu and vegetable stir fry

The ginger and sesame flavour of this stir-fry will work well with a variety of vegetables.

Vietnamese inspired beef noodle soup

This makes a tasty meal year round.

Shepherd’s pie

This shepherd’s pie is made with ground turkey and lentils.


This dish is made with simple ingredients and is a fun twist on eggs.

Vegetable curry

This curry is loaded with vegetables and is great for lunch or dinner, especially on a chilly day.


Creamy smoothie

This smoothie packs vegetables and fruits, protein and whole grain foods. Enjoy it all on its own or alongside some whole grain toast with natural nut or seed butter!

Cauliflower and bean dip

Roasted cauliflower gives a fresh twist to this dip. Serve it with vegetables, whole grain pita or crackers for a delicious snack. 

Banana walnut loaf

This bread is a great grab-and-go breakfast or snack for busy families. Serve on its own or toasted with nut butter or spread for a delicious start to your day.

Muhammara dip (red bell pepper and walnut)

This dip is versatile and commonly eaten in the Middle East. It is just as delicious served warm or cold.

Puff bars

These crunchy fruit and nut bars are quick to make on the weekend. Enjoy on busy weekdays!

Tempeh nuggets

These nuggets are a healthier version of the beloved fast-food chicken nugget. They will surely win over the hearts of the whole family.

Tofu and berry sheet tart

This tasty tart features an unexpected ingredient – tofu. It is easy to prepare and adds a punch of protein to breakfast, snack or dessert.

Cucumber smash salad

This cucumber salad is crunchy and refreshing. It makes for a fun snack or a great side salad.

Open-faced applewiches

Set up an assembly line of toppings and go for it! These fun and naturally sweet applewiches are a hit with all ages. They make for the perfect after-school snack, but can be served anytime.

Oat and pumpkin no-bake bites

These oat and pumpkin no-bake bites are the perfect snack for on the go, busy days, or lunch kits. With only a few ingredients needed to prepare these, they will surely become a family favourite!

Flourless yogurt blender muffins

Blender muffins are the best – just throw all of the ingredients into your blender and you’re just about there! Grab one as part of your breakfast or as a snack.

Fun fruit salad

This flavourful fruit salad is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and makes a great, healthy snack or dessert.

Crispy chickpeas

These chickpeas are full of crunch and flavour

Apple berry crisp

Apples and blueberries are the stars in this irresistible recipe. Enjoy it warm on its own or with a small dollop of yogurt. Perfect for dessert or as a snack with a glass of water, white milk or unsweetened fortified soy beverage.

Creamy dreamy hummus

This dip is perfect to enjoy as a snack with vegetables or whole grain crackers. Use it as a sandwich spread instead of mayonnaise or mustard for an extra hit of protein and fibre.

Fruit kebabs with maple cinnamon yogurt dip

There's nothing like fruit kebabs to amp up the fun factor. Wow everyone's tastebuds by whipping up a creamy yogurt dip spiked with maple syrup.

Fruit and yogurt granola parfaits

Crunchy granola with a hint of maple is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! While this irresistible recipe makes 10 servings, there's no need to dish it out all at once. Simply make the granola ahead of time, and store in an airtight jar. When you're craving a quick snack, serve up with Greek yogurt and berries.

Zesty bean dip and chips

This recipe takes dip and chips to a whole new level. Pack the dip and chips separately for an on-the-go snack that is out of this world.

Savoury pear and cheese scones

These tasty scones are great on the run or at home for breakfast or as a snack.

No bake toasted oat granola bars

Enjoy the natural sweetness of dates in this recipe. Toasting the oats delivers big flavour with little effort.