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Peach, roasted chickpeas and halloumi cheese salad

This recipe is the alternative to a standard garden salad! Serve it hot or cold and turn your kitchen into a 5-star restaurant.

Spicy vegetable frittata

This frittata is a go-to for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Tofu rice bowl

This vegetable-packed bowl is the homemade version of your favourite take-out rice bowl. You will learn how to make a quick pickle. Bonus!

Tuna and tomato salad

This refreshing salad is a perfect way to use tomatoes. It is versatile enough to enjoy for lunch, on a picnic, or dinner on the patio with family and friends.

Cooking skills

What does it mean to season to taste?

You’ve probably come across the phrase “season to taste” when reading recipes. What does this phrase mean?

Five ingredients, five meals

With a few household staples and a little imagination, you can make several recipes from the same foods.

Healthier grocery shopping

It’s easier to make healthy meals and snacks when your kitchen is stocked with healthy foods.

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10 ingredients or less

Tasty and easy to prepare, these 10-ingredient recipes make meal preparation simple.

30 minutes or less

Prepare these tasty recipes in 30 minutes or less.


Home-cooked freezer meals and snacks to use on busy days.


Recipes the whole family can help prepare and enjoy.


No stovetop? No problem! Find delicious recipes that you can prepare without a stovetop, oven or microwave.


Delicious meat-free recipes for plant-based food lovers.

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