Meal planning from start to finish in 4 steps

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Making healthy meals is easier than you think. It’s all about being prepared.

Meal planning from start to finish in 4 steps

Use these 4 steps to help you plan your meals.

  1. Decide what to eat

    Write down your meal and snack ideas:

    • Get recipe ideas from:
      • websites
      • cookbooks
      • magazines
      • friends and family
    • Scan grocery flyers for healthy foods on sale
    • Check your fridge, freezer and cupboards for foods you have
    • Look to see what foods need to be used up before they go to waste
  2. Make your grocery list

    Write down the foods you need for your meal plan:

    • Keep a grocery list handy and write down items as you run out of them
    • Organize your grocery list by headings that match the sections of the store
  3. Go Shopping

    Buy the foods on your grocery list:

    • Use your list to navigate the aisles
    • Stick to your list to:
      • reduce food waste
      • save money and time
      • cut down on impulse buys
  4. Start Cooking

    Stick to your plan:

    • Post your meal plan where everyone can see it
    • Give everyone a job to help with the meal plan