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Avocado and bean lettuce wraps

These creamy and colourful wraps come together in very little time.

No-bake oat granola bars

These chewy bars sweetened by the natural goodness of dates and the grilled oats make a great grab and go snack.

Okroshka (cold summer soup)

This vegetarian version of Okroshka is prepared with kefir and is perfect for those hot summer days.

French toast sticks with pineapple orange topping

This delicious French toast is wonderful to wake up to. Using bran flakes adds a creative crunch to traditional French toast.

Cooking skills

Storing leafy greens

Unlike other fresh vegetables and fruits, leafy greens should be rinsed before going in the fridge. Follow these easy steps to store your leafy greens safely and extend their freshness.

Best uses for fresh and dried herbs

Herbs are an excellent way to add flavour to your meals without adding extra sodium, sugars, or saturated fat.

Cooking with plant-based protein foods

Follow these tips to learn how you can incorporate them in your meals and snacks.

Recipe collections

10 ingredients or less

Tasty and easy to prepare, these 10-ingredient recipes make meal preparation simple.

30 minutes or less

Prepare these tasty recipes in 30 minutes or less.


Home-cooked freezer meals and snacks to use on busy days.


Recipes the whole family can help prepare and enjoy.


No stovetop? No problem! Find delicious recipes that you can prepare without a stovetop, oven or microwave.


Delicious meat-free recipes for plant-based food lovers.

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