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Involve others in planning and preparing meals

Involving others in planning and preparing meals helps you cook more often.

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Benefits of involving others

Planning and preparing meals with others helps to nurture healthy eating habits that last a lifetime. These habits include the ability to prepare healthy food.

Involving others in planning and preparing meals lets you:

  • share food and cooking traditions
  • spend quality time with loved ones
  • learn and share important food skills
  • make preparing meals and snacks more fun and less work
  • explore healthy new foods that you might not normally try
  • feel more connected to those around you, including:
    • different generations of family
    • others with a common interest

Think of all the different people in your life you could connect with through food. It could be your:

  • family
  • friends
  • coworkers
  • neighbours
  • roommates
  • community members

How to involve others in planning and preparing meals

There are many ways to engage in fun, food-related activities with those around you. Try to involve others by trying some of these ideas:

  • Have a friend over for a cooking date.
  • Invite your relatives to share the history of a favourite family food or recipe and teach you how to prepare it.
  • Organize a potluck with your neighbours, coworkers or friends. Try different potluck themes to showcase everyone’s skills and specialties.
  • Host a cooking event for kids. Let them plan the menu, write the grocery list, shop for food and cook the meal – with your help of course.

Get involved in food-related activities

It doesn’t all have to be about cooking. There are other ways to participate in healthy food-related activities and share your knowledge. You can:

  • Start a community garden in your neighbourhood where everyone can grow fresh vegetables.
  • Plan to go grocery shopping with a friend or neighbour. It can help make this regular task more social.
  • Participate in a recipe exchange with your friends. Share your easy weekday meal ideas or your special holiday favourites.
  • Share your skills with your community. Many communities have food organizations looking for volunteers who love to prepare food and share their knowledge with others. You can help:
    • plan, plant or harvest a garden
    • prepare meals and snacks for participants
    • organize cooking workshops or demonstrations
    • promote the knowledge and use of traditional and cultural foods

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